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Body Attack LIPO 100 - 60 Caps Body Attack

1x Body Attack LIPO 100 - 60 Caps

Now with a new, even more effective formula: The best fat loss product with natural ingredients made in Germany. Body Attack LIPO 100 - 60 Caps
Euro New InStock 2020-07-12
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Body Attack

LIPO 100 60 Caps

  • Thermogenic fat loss
  • With choline and caffeine
  • Supports fat metabolism

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Made in Germany

Product information

Even better, even more effective, even more "fat loss"! You want to look fitter or develop your muscle definition more strongly? The LIPO 100 Caps are versatile all-rounders! Who does not dream of having well trained and sexy muscles? The solution: the bioactive substance Ppiperine made of black pepper. It has a stimulating effect on digestion. In addition, the B-vitamin-caffeine stimulant from Niacin, Biotin, Iodine, Guarana and Green Tea extract minimizes fatigue symptoms during the workout and prevents the metabolism from being reduced to a minimum.


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