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100% Natural Beef Isolate 750g

My Supps 100% Natural Beef Isolate - 750g
  • High beef quality
  • 98% protein content
  • Without sugar & sweeteners

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My Supps 100 % Natural Beef Isolate is an easily digestible protein source made of beef. It is good for high-protein diets that are crucial in strength-based sports.

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My Supps 100% Natural Beef Isolate - 750g

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VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 750g

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100% Beef Isolate is another product in the My Supps Natural Series. It is pure protein powder, offered entirely free of additives. The neutral products have high biological value and effectively support muscle growth. This is also true of 100% Beef Isolate, extracted exclusively from beef and designed to suit a broad target group.

For instance, it is an ideal alternative for strength athletes seeking to build muscle but who have had more than enough of drinking milk and whey products. Athletes with lactose intolerance or a milk protein allergy and people who for cultural or religious reasons do not eat pork can turn to 100% Beef Isolate.


The protein powder has a protein content of 98%. Mixed in water or skimmed milk to produce a creamy shake, it contributes to building and preserving muscle mass. Beef Isolate also supports the preservation of normal bones. Strength athletes in particular have elevated protein requirements due to their frequent training sessions. Here they are recommended to take approx. 2 g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight to meet the needs of their intense exertion. Beef Isolate can be integrated perfectly in a daily diet to optimise protein and amino acid intake.

Beef Isolate contains important amino acids
The product from the House of My Supps comes with a large quantity of the amino acids L-Glutamine, L-Hydroxyproline, L-Proline and Glycine, which can contribute to optimising the protein and amino acid intake in daily nutrition.

Strength athletes who train with heavy weights place a severe burden on their joints. But endurance and games athletes who include strength training, jumps, sprints and longer running distances in their training also place a lot of stress on their musculoskeletal system. All of these athletes can benefit from Beef Isolate, as it is rich in the amino acids L-Hydroxyproline, L-Hydroxylysine, L-Proline and L-Glycine. Considered from a physiological viewpoint, all of these four amino acids are constituents of cartilage and joints and are therefore involved in the cartilage metabolism.

Beef Isolate also in Diet Phases
During diet phases, the body receives fewer calories in daily nutrition than it actually needs. The body attempts to compensate this negative energy balance by using the muscle protein as energy, among others. To prevent this and to preserve the musculature to the greatest possible extent, it is sensible to draw on 100% Natural Beef Isolate as an easily digestible protein source, hence providing support in daily nutrition.

What products can I combine sensibly with My Supps 100 % Beef Isolate?
  1. With My Flavouring System to lend the neutral protein powder that individual taste.
  2. With Body Attack Magnesium and Calcium, as these two minerals can contribute to normal muscle functions.
  3. With the fast-acting carbohydrate source Maltodextrin to replenish the energy reserves depleted during intense training sessions.
  4. With My Supps 100% Amino EAA to increase the intake of essential amino acids.

Tip: Tastes delicious with the flavourings of My Flavouring System from My Supps.