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Quality since the first hour

Qualität seit der ersten Stunde Qualität seit der ersten Stunde

Power Protein 85
Who of You Folks wound the Clock? Is it really time to stop?! 25 years Body Attack - folks, time passes. But you can be sure - one thing was very important for Jan right from the start: Quality - at the highest level! Why did our starter protein Power Protein 90 revolutionise the market for food supplements, why did the Made in Germany seal of approval set new standards and what else do grazing cows have to do with our products? Do not worry, everything in the right order...

...because what all these examples are about is always one thing: Quality! And this did not have the Lego bricks large capsules with pre-programmed breathlessness or the powders with certain side effects - (we reported). The present was characterised by low-cost productions, including the production in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and elsewhere. Jan gathered this experience in his first years and in 1994 he took a clear approach to improvement with the new Body Attack brand. Although he did not want to turn the wheel of time, he wanted to make a lasting contribution to quality.

Products with a ”want to have more effect”

The first Body Attack products were to stand out in terms of both taste and composition of the valuable ingredients. A creamy, delicious protein powder with a "want to have more effect" and real benefits. Four years after the company was founded and after days and nights of tinkering with recipes the Power Protein 90 (at that time actually still 85) was created with the then revolutionary triple protein source of casein, whey and milk protein. This is a win-win-win situation for muscle building and growth.

Kölner Liste The same goes for the two other starter products from the year 98. While hip sitcoms like "King of Queens" or "The Wild Seventies" built up their laugh muscles at that time, the Power Weight Gainer supported them with a muscle matrix of carbohydrates and proteins for controlled and balanced mass building. The trio was completed by the crystal clear 100% Creatine that magically dissolved in water and helped you gain more strength in your workout.

High-quality raw materials, tasty ingredients and working formulas - these were the Body Attack starters. Since the first hour more than 95 % of our products are manufactured in Germany and deserve the precious seal "Made in Germany". Quality goods, regionality and sustainability already played an important role for Body Attack at that time. This special quality level was also appreciated by the Cologne List.

What does a list from Cologne have to do with excellent nutrition supplements? The Cologne List tests dietary supplements for steroids, known doping substances and impermissible stimulants and awards clean products with its seal. Today our three musketeers from ´98 all carry this special seal of quality. A total of 54 products now adorn this well-known feature. Transparency and trust through certified quality controls distinguish our in-house team of experts on a daily basis. ISO Whey Summer Edition

Let us get to the grazing cows. How do they fit into this theme? Quite simple: In addition to our starter Power Protein 90, we have also launched the high-quality Iso Whey on the market. And the reason why this elaborately produced protein is of such high-quality is because it comes from milk from grass-fed cows in Ireland. The German and European organic certification, which distinguishes our Functional Food products from the JabuVit range, also stands for this ecologically appropriate husbandry.

Even if 25 years of Body Attack were a long time: For us every day is a beginning.... to reevaluate existing products, to make best quality even better, to discover innovations. And all this in order to produce products for you that taste good and bring real benefits to your body. Tomorrow is not staying out, we will be back, without a doubt ... but with a new blog post!