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Body Attack Protein White Choc - 250g Body Attack

1x Body Attack Protein White Choc - 250g

Body Attack White Choc is a delicious low carb and low fat spread with a delicious taste. Body Attack Protein White Choc - 250g
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Body Attack

Protein White Choc 250g

Body Attack Protein White Choc - 250g
  • 22% protein
  • Low-carb
  • Delicious white chocolate cream

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Body Attack White Choc is a delicious low carb and low fat spread with a delicious taste.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

Body Attack Protein White Choc - 250g

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VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 250g

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 16 day(s).

No rating available.

Body Attack Protein White Choc is the first white chocolate spread which contains (15 g) only 5.2 g of carbohydrates and of that only 0.3 g of sugar per portion.


Ideal for a protein-rich, low-carbohydrate and low-sugar diet

Consequently this white chocolate spread fits perfectly into a low-carbohydrate and low-sugar diet. In addition the Body Attack Protein White Choc cream offers a high protein content of 22.1 g per 100 g. This is due to whey protein, which ranks among proteins as one of the highest in nutritional value. For whey protein contains a large amount of the 8 essential amino acids which the body cannot produce itself, and accordingly depends upon a daily intake. So it is ideal as part of a protein-assisted diet for building up muscles during the development phase and maintaining the muscles while dieting.

For whom is Body Attack Protein White Choc perfectly suited?
For athletes, vegetarians, senior citizens, and all persons who have problems absorbing sufficient protein, Body Attack Protein White Choc is a good option for increasing protein intake in a delicious way. This spread is ideal for figure and health-conscious persons. They can enjoy the Protein White Choc spread without any regrets e.g. as a protein-rich snack for breakfast or for in-between meals.

High-quality ingredients for a full taste experience without any regrets

In this spread are additionally used high-quality fats from rapeseed, palm and coconut oil, which are also currently on the shopping list for many figure and health-conscious individuals.

The perfect combination: Body Attack Protein Pancake

With the Protein Pancake Baking Mixture from Body Attack you can quickly and easily prepare high-protein pancakes or waffles. In the Protein Pancake Stevia Mix the sugar content has been reduced: for every 100 g there are only 4.2 g of sugar. Instead Stevia rebaudiana has been used. The proteins contained contribute to the build-up and maintenance of muscle mass.

Especially at the outset a change of diet can be difficult. So you can satisfy the cravings for sweet things with, for example, a protein pancake made with the spread.

In order to achieve a full taste experience sweeteners have been used as the first ingredient instead of sugar, along with high-quality fats and the high-quality whey protein. The added fats, the soya lecithin and the whey protein are responsible for the creamy flavour. The Body Attack Protein White Choc product is especially kind to teeth, as sweeteners have been added here as an ingredient instead of sugar.