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Danone MyPro+ Protein-Drink - 330ml Danone

1x Danone MyPro+ Protein-Drink - 330ml

The Danone MyPRO+ protein drink is a ready-to-eat milk drink with 25 g protein and 5100 mg BCAAs per bottle. Danone MyPro+ Protein-Drink - 330ml
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MyPro+ Protein-Drink 330ml

Danone MyPro+ Protein-Drink - 330ml
  • protein-rich shake with BCAA
  • with 9 essential amino acids
  • excellent taste

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Product information

I can never get enough of that! About what? From MyPRO + , of course, the new protein drink from Danone . Because only with the right protein supplement will your sporty lifestyle become perfect and make you feel completely at ease. That is why the milk drink supports you with lactose-free protein . Rich 25g protein and 5.1g BCAAs are ready to help you with your muscle building goal. The biologically high-quality proteins contained in the shake can contribute to building and maintaining muscle mass . Especially strength athletes who want to build muscle have an increased protein requirement. The zero must be there - at least as far as the fat content and the additional sugar content are concerned. The protein drinks do not use any coloring or preservatives . We offer MyPRO + in the creamy flavors vanilla and chocolate . The Danone MyPRO + protein drink is a high-quality alternative for anyone who doesn´t feel like touching a protein shake first or is looking for a healthy drink in between.

Product highlights:
  • Ready drink
  • High Protein (25 g per bottle)
  • With BCAAs
  • With 9 essential amino acids
  • Fat free
  • Without preservatives or dyes
  • Excellent taste


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