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Body Attack LIPO 100-FEM - 60 Caps Body Attack

1x Body Attack LIPO 100-FEM - 60 Caps

LIPO 100 FEM is designed especially for women who want to lose weight healthily and get a firm, great-looking body. Body Attack LIPO 100-FEM - 60 Caps
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Body Attack

LIPO 100-FEM 60 Caps

Body Attack LIPO 100-FEM - 60 Caps
  • Vitacholine for fat metabolism
  • Caffeine for greater endurance
  • Vegan capsules

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LIPO 100 FEM is designed especially for women who want to lose weight healthily and get a firm, great-looking body.

Here you get product information like ingredients, nutrition facts or allergy advices.

Body Attack LIPO 100-FEM - 60 Caps

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Do you want to banish the flab, get in shape for your next beach holiday or have effective help for your diet? Then increase the effects of your workout routine with a product that knows what its about.

With LIPO 100 FEM, Body Attack has designed a brand new fat burner especially for women wanting to effectively boost their diet. Carefully selected ingredients help you burn fat more efficiently during training.

LIPO 100 FEM contains high quality plant extracts, B-vitamins , L-carnitine, zinc and especially Vitacholine, which assists normal fat and energy metabolism. In addition, it supplies women with a vital source of iron as well as caffeine to increase endurance and focus during fat burner training.

The capsule shell consists of plant fibres and none of the ingredients come from foodstuffs of animal origin, so LIPO 100 FEM is a 100% vegan product.

Product highlights

LIPO 100 FEM is a fat burner designed especially for women wanting a slimmer, firmer body. The first thing to do to shift unwanted extra pounds is to go on a low-calorie, protein-rich diet. To accelerate the break-down of body fat, incorporate regular weight and endurance training as part of your weekly routine.

LIPO 100 FEM is suitable for all women,
Selected ingredients – that´s what you get with LIPO 100 FEM

We recommend LIPO FEM because it contains carefully selected ingredients especially tailored to women on a weight loss programme. These include:

LIPO 100 FEM is 100 % vegan

LIPO 100 FEM only consists of carefully selected ingredients and is manufactured entirely without the use of animal raw materials. The innovative fat burner uses plant fibres (cellulose) for its capsule shell instead of the more usual animal gelatine.

This means LIPO 100 FEM is also ideal on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

*In order to increase stamina, 3 mg caffeine per kilogram body weight must be taken around one hour prior to training. The body needs 75 mg caffeine per serving in order to be more alert and boost attentiveness.