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Protein Diet

Preserving and building muscle with a protein diet

People wishing to lose weight are generally on the lookout for an uncomplicated diet and one that is above all promising. So-called protein diets tend to be the best option: They are found in some shape or form in the successful low carb diets such as the anabolic diet, the Sears diet, the Atkins diet and the Dr. Lutz diet. These forms of diet are particularly popular among athletes and are used consciously and regularly.

The reason for this: Unlike other diets in which the main focus is on cutting calories and high-protein foods are frequently banished from the menu, the protein diet builds on a high intake of protein. The protein ensures that valuable muscle mass is not lost during a phase of low calorie nutrition. After all, protein contributes to preserving and also building new muscle. So protein diets are particularly recommendable for athletes intending exclusively to lose fat.