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Campaign clean sport: The anti-doping initiative

Body Attack guarantees the highest possible product safety for top-class sport

Body Attack Sports Nutrition stands for superior product quality. We are committed to clean sport, to meeting our own high standards and those of thousands of quality-conscious athletes. There is a reason we are the official nutrition partner of countless top athletes and clubs.

Body Attack Partner

We voluntarily submit our products for regular testing in accordance with the strict guide lines of the Cologne List® and we have our products manufactured by a German company, which guarantees that these products do not contain any banned substances.

Body Attack products on the Cologne List

Cologne List® ✓

Kölner ListeThe Cologne List® exists to help athletes choose the right nutritional supplements. The Cologne List® is a list of nutritional supplements that have been tested for doping substances. Athletes who orientate themselves to these products reduce the risk to be trapped by doping.

More than 400 tested nutritional supplements are listed with test data on the homepage of the Cologne List®, including many Body Attack Products.

"The investment for testing in terms of time and money is definitively justified for us", says Jan Budde, Body Attack´s General Manager. It means that top athletes can use Body Attack products with confidence.

Olympiasegler Tobias Schadewaldt (Quelle: Body Attack)"I always select my products to meet the highest quality standards. That´s also why I´ve come to Body Attack. I want to be certain that I am not taking any contaminated substances. The Cologne List® is so important because it stands for the highest possible safety through tested products."

Tobias Schadewaldt, Body Attack Athlete und Olympic sailor

The Cologne List® was initiated by the Rhineland Olympic Training Centre. The scientific partner is the Centre for Preventive Doping Research (ZePräDo) at the German Sport University Cologne, which tests products submitted to anabolic steroids and stimulants, if necessary.

To the website of the Cologne List

No illicit substances of the WADA Prohibited List ✓

Banned substances are not only unfair, but can also cause side-effects harmful to health. For this reason banned substances have no place in products from Body Attack, My Supps, EFX and Men´s Health Sports Nutrition.

Our manufacturer guarantees, that products which are manufactured for us on their premises, do not contain any banned substances on the banned product list 2014 of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).

The WADA Prohibited List is one of the most important foundations of anti-doping work in top sport. It is updated annually and is published in English and French.

To the WADA 2014 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods

What is WADA actually?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is an international independent organisation that fights against doping worldwide in top sport. It was founded in Switzerland in 1999 and its head office is in Montreal in Canada.

One measure used in the fight against doping in top sport is regular testing of athletes´ urine and blood during training and competition phases. On a national level the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) in Germany works towards the same objectives.

The WADA Prohibited List is recognised all over the world and is updated annually. The Prohibited List includes banned substances and methods that are forbidden in top sport. Body Attack products contain no substances on the banned list.

To the official WADA website

Made in Germany ✓

Made in Germany Body Attack – that means quality products, of course made in Germany. This is very important to us. The made in Germany quality label is an internationally recognised symbol of quality products. Germany occupies an excellent position on the quality market in Europe and around the globe.

German companies like Body Attack Sports Nutrition are pioneers of innovative products – and the origin designation made in Germany guarantees high quality all over the world. That is why our products are conceived, researched, developed and produced in Germany. Our name stands for quality made in Germany.