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Body Attack

Endurance Booster 600g

Body Attack Endurance Booster - 600g
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  • Carbo-T4 formula (carbohydrate mix)
  • Creatine
  • Taurine & Glutamine

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The Endurance Booster from Body Attack is a delicious tasting energy drink. It provides endurance athletes with essential nutrients and boosts performance

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4250350534540 - Lemon
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VerpackungsgrößePacking size: 600g

Reicht für ... TageContent is sufficient for use according to our recommendation for 15 day(s).

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Whether a runner, triathlete, cyclist or swimmer - as an ambitious endurance athlete, you know the importance of targeted nutrition before, during and after a workout. The Endurance Booster from Body Attack optimally provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs before a workout or competition, effectively boosting your performance - with a unique "all-in-one energy mix".

Stir the beverage powder into water to make an easily digestible and delicious tasting energy drink. Since it is in liquid form, the nutrients are quickly taken up by the body and are readily available during the workout.

We have renamed the Cell Reloader in Endurance Booster and also improved the nutrient formula.

Instead of the conventional Creatine Monohydrate this booster now contains high quality CREAZ®. The Creatine from CREAZ® comprises an amount sufficient enough to increase the physical fitness in plyometrics (speed).

The Endurance Booster also comes without the sweetener Aspartame, instead natural fruit concentrates were added. In addition, the powder has a better solubility.

As well as a complex mix of carbohydrates, it also includes performance-enhancing Creatine, Taurine, the well-known ingredient from energy drinks, the amino acids Arginine, BCAA and Glutamine as well as numerous minerals and vitamins, which are lost through the body sweating during exercise.

Product highlights

Body Attack Endurance Booster has:
3,000 mg creatine per daily serving

Creatine increases physical performance as part of dynamic strength training and during brief and intense physical activity. To get this performance boost, the body needs 3 g a day to replenish its own reserves of creatine adequately. So, Endurance Booster needs to be taken on a daily basis. Regular intake of 3 g creatine over several weeks will maximise the muscle Creatine storage and can improve sprint performance and dynamic strength.

The creatine in Endurance Booster is CREAZ, a high-quality ingredient made in Germany. It has a high standard of quality and, due to the careful selection of raw materials and controlled production, is considered the purest Creatine worldwide.

Which products can I sensibly combine with Endurance Booster?
*The positive effect can be achieved with a daily diet of 130 g carbohydrates from all food sources. All nutrient values given in the text refer to the lemon flavour.